Forrest Gump once said (okay by now we probably all know when he said it) that his mama told him you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.  Subconsciously I must have known that too without even turning to Forrest or his mother when I named this blog.  Although I am a short 5'3", you will almost never find me in anything but flats.  If they have ruffles, even better.  If they are on sale for $3, well, I've probably snatched up a pair in every color.  I suppose you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.  My shoes will tell you a few things:
  • I'm colorful.  I love shoes in all colors and that reflects my sometimes loud personality.
  • I'm shy.  My loud, colorful personality only comes out when I get to know someone (or on the rare occasion that I've gotten my hands on a Colorado Bulldog, with root beer of course).  That's why flats fit me - they aren't as in-your-face as a pair of, say, stilettos, or even knee-high boots.
  • I'm a tad bit rebellious.  I wouldn't say a ruffle is a lot of bling, but it's enough embellishment to make them a little rebellious.  I suppose this fits my personality as well.  I am extremely careful in all of my decisions, but many of my decisions go against what people my age are doing (like getting married at 22).
  • I'm what my dad has always called "frugal."  In the past few years, I do not think I've paid more than $15 for a pair of shoes.  This has translated to all things I buy.  If I can buy one pair of shoes for $3, why wouldn't I buy all of them for cheap?
  • I'm simple.  This may seem contradictory to the above statements, but a flat is a fairly simple shoe.  There are no buckles, no heels, no straps.  I am simple in that I strive to live a simple life without all the extra flash and pizzazz constantly marketed to us in America.

What you can't tell about me by my shoes, you can tell about me by my hair.  It's red.  Not flaming red or orange, but a nice red that I've grown to adore over the years (after years of wishing it away).  I do have a temper, I am extremely passionate sometimes to a fault, and I have definitely been called strange a time or two, but that's okay, it's what makes me interesting (I hope).

Now, what you will find me rambling about (which I often do in spoken form and in writing) are various topics all related to these aspects of my personality.  I will ramble about things I'm passionate about, about decorating and shopping on the cheap, about the rebellious things I have done and why, about how I try to live a simple life.  I'll probably add in some other things along the way because I can.  I'm a Gemini, and as one of my friends likes to tell me, Gemini's are controlling, so don't let the last statement shock you.  Anyway, stick around if you like any of the following topics:
  • Going to graduate school while married
  • Marrying young
  • Living modestly
  • DIY anything and everything
  • Living on a tight budget
  • Photography
  • Being a Christian
  • Working out and staying fit (with the hubby man)
  • Cooking scrumptious, cheap, and healthy meals
  • Funny stuff that I just have to share
  • Other glorious topics I have yet to stumble upon

Who are Mrs. Ruffled Flats and Mr. Converse Sneakers?

My real name is Sarah.  His real name is San (pronounced like Sam with an "n").  I love that my name is biblical and all (I really do), but it is so common, so I thought it would be fun to be known by another alias.  Plus, when the hubby man and I were coming up with a name for our wedding website/blog while we were engaged, I came up with "Ruffled Flats and Converse Sneakers" to describe us and the wedding, since those were the shoes we intended to wear.  We ended up straying from that idea (he wore Vans and I wore flats with heart shoe clips), but the name stuck.  Our shoes really do tell a lot about us, and plus they are way cooler than our real names, so feel free to use them!

Mr. CS is a blossoming certified foodie who works at a fancy schmancy hotel as a banquet chef.  I'm very proud of how far he has come since he graduated from culinary school (for baking, ironically) in 2008 (just a year after we both graduated from high school).  We both dream of one day opening up a restaurant where everything is made from scratch and totally unique.  He loves burgers and comfort food, although he is working on losing weight and staying in shape, so we try to limit those foods (although this girl loves them, too).  His favorite activities include reading comic books, playing his Xbox, reading about food, eating food, cooking food (get the point?), working out, and being a wonderful husband to me.  We have been together almost six years and just got married on August 13, 2011.  We are working on becoming a power team that battles through life together!

I am currently a student in Minneapolis, MN, finishing up my teaching licensure at the Graduate level.  I graduated in May of 2011 with my English degree.  Although teaching sounds like a fine job (if I can ever get over my fear of public speaking), Mr. Converse Sneakers and I both dream of me being a stay-at-home mom  whenever we decide to have children.  We are working on saving our money, paying off our school debt, and planning our futures carefully so that we can fulfill this dream.  We both feel called by the Lord to be good parents.  If my life amounts to nothing more than just that little accomplishment, I will be completely satisfied.

If you have any questions or comments about anything you read here (or you just want to email me because you are bored), you can head to my contact page and shoot me an email.


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