Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I’m Alive . . . Somewhat

I am so sorry to everyone who has been waiting for more posts.  You all have been so patient!  Honestly, I don’t know when they will be coming.  I’m guessing from now until May, posting will be very sporadic, but I’m hoping after that I will have more time to do projects, think of things other than teachingteachingteaching, and have some goodies to share with you!

I’m into my third week of student teaching and I must say, I love it!  Does it make me very nervous?  YES!  Is it rewarding?  Of course!  Are some kids naughty?  You betcha.  However, overall, I am very happy to report that it’s something I can see myself doing for a long time.  I am teaching seventh grade literature and writing in a Catholic private school.  It’s very different to anything I’ve ever been exposed to, but it is amazing.  Dream job!

As for my photography business, it’s been going really well.  I second shoot my first wedding the weekend after this one and can’t wait.  I’ve had some very random calls about maybe being featured on a very well-known website, but I don’t want to say much more in case that path leads to nowhere, which it very well could.  I’m really excited to see what the summer has in store for me with my business.  It’s going to be crazy juggling the business and teaching once I find my first teaching job, but it will be worth it, I hope.

This should probably comes as no shock: we are back to house hunting.  We are working with a different lender (MUCH better – he really loves his job and wants to help us get the most for our money).  We’ve been looking at townhomes and are still considering single family homes.  If we don’t find anything using solely Mr. Converse Sneakers’ income, we will renew our lease monthly and use my income once I have summer job and/or am teaching full-time.  We could not find any apartment we liked that was less than a mortgage would be, so we decided now is the time to buy.  I’ll keep you posted on that as things start happening.

I’m sorry for such a boring, random post, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew I am alive and will be back.  I really will be back, I promise!

See you . . . soon-ish!


  1. I know how much time teachers spend outside of class preparing their lesson plans! I'm glad you like it. I miss your posts but totally understand!
    Really happy you found a decent mortgage loan officer at the bank it should make your home buying experience better!
    Exciting, your first wedding shoot coming up! Good luck!

  2. Hi Sarah, as you've probably noticed I'm the newest fan of your blog. And always google translate what you write, so I understand. Well, hope you find the perfect home for you. In 2008 out of the house looking perfect and I was within my financial conditions, and found. My house is pretty simple, but very warm and welcoming, I'll pay it for the next 25 years.
    I want to be very happy.
    Good Luck!
    My facebook

  3. hope all is well with you! wanted to let you know that i have tagged you in a post!! :)


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