Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodwill = GoodDuds

I am obsessed with reading about people’s thrift finds, whether they relate to cookware, decorating, or clothes.  However, I am most proud of my clothing thrift finds because of how negative I used to be when it came to secondhand clothing.  My dad got me into garage saling at a really young age.  We would go many weekends straight once the weather was nice.  In Minnesota, everyone jokes that the summertime is construction season, but I also like to point out that it is also the best time to get good deals!  Thursdays through Sundays, the street corners are filled with bright colored signs with arrows and addresses pointing to the best deals.  Even though I loved buying things like cassette tapes and VHS movies back in the day at garage sales, I would run screaming in horror anytime my dad held up any kind of clothing item for me to consider getting.

Times have changed, people.  Now, I cannot get enough of buying secondhand.  You want to know why?

Well, first, we don’t have a lot of money, so mostly if I want any new clothes, I usually have to buy them at really low prices and the best way to do this is to buy secondhand.

Second, I like shopping at places like Goodwill because it can be like shopping at all of my favorite stores at one time with the comfort of only looking at a few racks in one store.

Third, I am able to change up my style more easily because much more styles are in my price range.

Last, and most important, I can buy things for super low prices that I would never be able to afford at retail price even if we had a lot more money.  Before I started buying secondhand, I would shop at stores like Aeropostale, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Target, and other more affordable stores.  You would maybe find me oogling over a store’s catalog that was out of my price range, but anything pushing $50 or more for any item I would not even consider.  However now, I have Banana Republic brand new clothes at secondhand prices, I own a shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue (could retail at a couple hundred dollars), and I have pants from Express (normally $80-100).  This blows my mind.  I could shop at Target and pay full price for cute, but affordable items, or I could shop at Goodwill and pay hardly any money on normally very expensive items.  Which would you choose?

Today, I wanted to show off an outfit I put together with a mix of items, some retail, some Goodwill finds.  This is a casual cool summer day outfit that I could wear often.  I might share more outfits if anyone is interested because my closet has been getting crammed with Goodwill finds lately (I just found a great one nearby in a very ritzy neighborhood that has some awesome brands).




Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (normally around $40) – @ Goodwill for $2.50 (on sale)

Tank: Marshalls for $15

Shorts: American Eagle (normally around $40) – @ Goodwill for $5

Necklace: For Love 21 for $5

Total: $27.50 compared to $100 or more at retail price

Although not all of the pieces were thrifted, they all were purchased for under $15.  Even the tank top is less than normal retail price because that is the whole point of stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  My main rule is that if I am not going to buy something secondhand, it better have something that makes it unique and unlike what I will typically find at Goodwill.  This tank top has a vintage floral pattern that I LOVE and it even has little lace ruffles on the strap (as shown in the last photo).  I am willing to pay a little more for that than if it was just a solid color tank.

Would you be interested in seeing more thrifted outfits?  If you buy secondhand, what has been one of your favorite finds?


  1. you're back! i used to read your blog and loved it! congrats on the wedding and can't wait to read 'redhead in ruffled flats' :)

  2. See, Isn't it great that your dad is a genius!!!
    LOL Remember reusing or repurposing is the greenest form of recycling.

  3. The things I love most purchased at rummage sales are the impressionistic art pieces hanging in my hall and the Italian pictures hanging in my living room. I also love love love my candy dishes. I also buy large mens shirts that I like and use them as a big shirt. Really works out well for me and doesn't cost much.

    I like your thrift find articles.


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