Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Words for the Anxious Soul

I am what any psychologist would call “Type A.”  One of my friends jokingly (or maybe she’s not joking) calls me a “freaker outer.”  My parents told me I am very “passionate.”  All of these are true.  I would call myself a perfectionist, and anyone who evenly remotely knows me can sense this because I’m always fidgeting, fixing my clothes, jotting down lists in my planner, organizing things that don’t even belong to me, and I tend to overexplain things.  Don’t worry, all of this has a point.

This morning, I saw my mom had posted this daily devotional on her Facebook.  I stopped to wonder if maybe she had posted it just for me, since it is titled “When Things Fall Apart, Ask God to Relieve Your Fears.”  Sure enough, a moment later I had an email from my loving mother with a link to the same article.  Of course it is for me – I am the biggest scaredy cat of all time.  Things don’t have to be falling apart, but I’ll be worrying anyway.  I remember crying my freshman year of high school as I thought about going off to college.  It’s truly pathetic!  Throughout college, I became much closer to God and started reforming our relationship, and lately I have been on a mission to cut out the worries in my life because I trust in Him to take care of me.  However, as life gets in the way, my focus shifts back to the things I am afraid of and not to Christ.

After reading the devotional my mom sent me, I decided I needed some kind of constant reminder to give my worries to God, so I looked up some biblical quotes and found 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”  Short, sweet, and true.

Coincidentally, Mr. Converse Sneakers and I are working on creating a gallery wall to go above our sofa (photos will come eventually – I have a new piece of furniture on its way that I can’t wait to share) and being the English degree-holding woman that I am, I obviously love words, so I decided to take a swing and try creating my own word art using Photoshop Elements.

Here is how it turned out:

Not the most creative, but I have limited talents (and patience) when it comes to art.  I printed it out as an 8x10 print, and for now it sits on my desk as a daily reminder to stop worrying and let loose a little until it is ready to hang above our sofa!


I thought maybe you would like one too, so I saved it a few different ways so you can use it for whatever your heart desires.

Photoshop File - Click here if you would like to edit the file in a Photoshop program or print from a Photoshop program.

PDF - Click here if you would like to use Adobe Reader to print the file.

Jpeg - Click here if you would like to save the image to your computer.

What quotes do you like to look at daily?  Do you have any of them displayed in your home?

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  1. I too worry and know that I should not because Jesus promises to never leave us and to always love and take care of our needs. So I like having a visual reminder to turn all your needs in life over to God.

    Thank you for sharing this story it needs to be shared again and again.

    I pray everyday that we all could love ourselves as much as Jesus loves us. Most people are not aware of his great love for us. How perfect in his love he sees us.

    God Bless and Amen!


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