Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wedding Hangover Dwindles

No I am not talking about an alcoholic hangover.  Thankfully, I was not drunk at my wedding (although many that attended cannot say the same), but I did have a wonderful hangover from the wedding that is now dwindling.  It was a euphoric hangover.

9 days.  Nine days.  A week and two days since I got married.  I’m getting more used to the word “husband” and have even begun saying things like, “Don’t talk to your wife like that,” although it is always to make Mr. Converse Sneakers laugh since we haven’t had a marital fight yet.  Yet.  I am now to the point where the wedding day is starting to slip away from my memory.  The first few days after the wedding, we couldn’t stop talking about it, but somehow life has a way of moving forward and causing us to refocus on things like work, school, bills, decorating, Goodwill shopping; you know, all normal things.  Most blogs I read are written by married women, so I know I have a lot of learning to do to catch up, but right now I’m trying to figure out if these feelings are normal.

I spent a whole year (well, short of three days) planning for this:

Photo courtesy of the amazingly wonderful photographer, Leah of Leah Maria Photography.

Now it’s over and I thought I would be so happy to be done planning and stressing.  Well, now I’m stressing about not having anything to plan!

Mr. Converse Sneakers and I were watching Direct TV in our hotel room on our honeymoon (which is a treat since we don’t have cable at home) and coincidentally heard a news story about how to recover after something amazing happens and what I call the “euphoric hangover” dwindles.  They said to plan new goals, start a new hobby, yadda yadda, but I still feel sad.  It’s only been 9 days and I want the wedding day to feel like it just happened yesterday.  I want my hangover back! I think I am mostly worried that one day I will forget it completely.

So, today, I set a new goal, to write down as many memories from the wedding as possible and to get everyone in on it so that I never forget.  I mean, this is something I want to tell my children about one day!  And I hope to have a lot of them, so that means a lot of wedding-storytelling!

Any other ideas for holding on to wedding memories and getting over the euphoric hangover blues?


  1. I can't say I know of anyway to hang on to the exact feelings of the day. We grow older and experience more and the feelings don't stay as intense as the day of. Just like infatuation, it begins to fade away but you can always bring the happiness back you felt that day by reviewing the memory, looking at the pictures etc. You replace it with new things going on in the here and now. But it can be brought back every now and then when you think about it.
    This is the way life is, we are always moving on to learn and experience new things. Don't be sad about it, it was the beginning of a new road of experiences.

  2. Wow, I made the top two memories!!! LOL
    Seriously One of the things I remember from our wedding is smiling harder than I ever had before because I was so happy. Still am with my wife.

  3. First of all, I'm SO HAPPY you are back to blogging!!

    A big congrats on the wedding!! I know exactly what you mean about the hangover feeling. I was married in April, and it feels like soooo long ago. We kind of expected the feelings, so we had a weekend trip to Chicago planned 6 weeks after or so. We also love looking at the photos, going through our box of mementos, or listening to the music from our wedding playlist. We love hearing stories or seeing friends/families pics too. I agree with Val though, it's the beginning of a whole new exciting chapter! We've been having a ton of fun decorating our house and working on a "dream home" plan. It's almost like planning the wedding again! (Except might not happen...!) Anyway, good to have you back! :)

  4. Thank you Casey, that is beautiful.


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