Monday, October 3, 2011

A Fall Tablescape on a Frugal Dollar

I’ve been really sick of sitting at this beat up $7 Goodwill table with only two chairs (because we are still too frugal and lazy to buy new desk chairs, so the dining chairs are being used for now leaving us with only two in the kitchen).  It’s looked like this for too long:


I like having our salt and pepper and napkins on the little tray so we can easily move them off the table when we have to use it for crafting or to surf the web, but because the kitchen has barely been decorated, this tray looks lifeless and boring.  It was time to put my thinking cap on and get to work at changing that!


I wanted something with more height that I could easily change up from season to season or when we have a themed dinner night.  I found this hurricane vase tutorial and knew it was perfect.  I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and Goodwill and came home with five vases and three candle holders (the three vases are just resting on the candlesticks so I could envision the final product).


I soaked the glass pieces in the sink and very easily removed the labels.  When they were dry, I added Gorilla Glue to the candle holders and planted them firmly on the bottom of each vase.  Then I put some books on them to act as a clamp so they would dry correctly.  I will admit, this was my first time using Gorilla Glue, so I put way too much glue on that I had to scrape off.  I may or may not have cut a slice of my finger off with an exacto blade . . .  Just be careful not to put too much glue and then you won’t need to use any kind of blade.


I used the leftover candy corn from my wreath project, some pinecone vase filler from Target (that I can use in fall and winter), and a cheap IKEA candle.

Much better!


I am so happy to have some versatile pieces I will be able to use forever, and all on a frugal dollar!

What inexpensive fall decorating have you been doing?


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