Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Pumpkin

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to go to church with Mr. Converse Sneaker’s boss, which was awesome!  The sermon was about how we basically worship money like it’s and idol, and we constantly say to ourselves, “If I only had thismuch money, I would be happy,” but we never become happy from money because once we reach thismuch we want thatmuch.  Instead, we should put Jesus back where money has taken over and find happiness within Him.  I really needed to hear that sermon.  I almost thought about going home and donating everything we own, but then I calmed down and realized I don’t need to be that drastic, but I do need to make a drastic change in my thoughts.

Anyway, after we went to church, we tried a new restaurant called Which ‘Wich, which (haha) the hubs posted about on his blog, Obviously Cheddar, if you’re interested.  It was amazing and I’ve been craving it all week.


After all the morning fun, we headed to Marshall's Farm Market to pick up a pumpkin and some apples.  We chose it instead of any other pumpkin patch/apple orchard in the Cities because, honestly, it was closest to where we live.  I wanted to go to one that had a corn maze and fun activities, but we were limited on time.

However, we managed to snap some photos of our first pumpkin as a married couple.  How exciting!  Don’t me mistaken, that’s not a baby with some flaming orange hair it got from its Mama, it’s a perfect pumpkin we are going to carve on Friday!


I’m trying to get more comfortable pulling out my camera in public places.  I feel as though everyone stares at me, but I’m probably just imagining it.  If I could work up the courage to use it more, I would take better photos because I normally quick take a few photos, shove it in my bag, and then realize I didn’t even adjust any of the settings and I shoot in manual, so that can be a problem if the settings are from a different day.  Just another thing to work on!

Have you been to a local market to pick up fresh-off-the-vine pumpkins or apples?  I sure to love this season, although I’m going to have to trade my beautiful green toggle coat that I can only wear about two months of the year (spring and fall in MN go by quick) for my giant snowman Colombia jacket.  I’m not ready for winter!

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  1. Your pumpkins look great! I love pumpkin hunting and apple orchards in the fall they are so much fun! It has been a few years since I have gone to them but great memories! Congratulations on your first pumpkin from a pumpkin patch!


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