Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Refocusing: Needs versus Wants

Every so often I get swept away in my ideas and in all of the inspiration around me and I forget what is really important in life.  Just when I thought I had mastered a way of thinking I have been taught since birth, I find myself thinking like a child again.  I’ll say, “I need this” or “I have to have that.”  As someone who has spent years studying the English language, I know how crucial language is to one’s understanding of the world.  When I say I “need” something I don’t really need, but in fact, want, I begin thinking that I really do need that something in order to survive.  Most things in my life I don’t need to survive.

Today, because I am sure I’m  not the only one who gets swept away with these thoughts, I’m going to share my needs versus wants.  I hope it helps me gain some perspective and puts me in a better mood because today I’m crabby!  I have no idea why.  I need to remember just how blessed I am just by being alive.

My thought: I need some more mascara.

No, one does not ever need mascara.  I’m simply running low.

Replace it with: I’m so blessed to have time to think about vanity when others are spending their time thinking about how they will survive.

My thought: I need a craft area in my living room.

No, I want a craft area because it would be easier to craft if everything is in one place.

Replace it with: I am very lucky to have the resources to afford items to use for a hobby.  I am lucky to have free time.

My thought: I need more time with my husband.

Replace it with: I should cherish the little time I have with my husband and cherish the fact that we both have jobs and fulfilling days, every day.

My thought: I need the new iPhone.  My phone is crap.

How funny it is that now a cell phone is considered a need.

Replace it with: Phones are a luxury that I’m lucky to be able to afford.  Be thankful every time I use it because it’s something not everyone has.

I think you get the point.  I hope it helped you or at least is something you could look back on if these thoughts ever creep into your mind.  It has helped me!

What is something you find yourself saying you need, when it is really just something you want?

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  1. You are so right about need vs want. I think about this too. I definitely need to work on how I process my thoughts. I like how you reworked your thoughts. I will try it too. Thanks!


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