Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Nobody in Minnesota has to dream of a white Christmas.  Most years we don’t have to dream about a white Thanksgiving, and some years dreaming of a white Halloween would be pointless because there is already a dusting of snow.  So, I’m dreaming of a blue Christmas.  I don’t like that blue is equated sadness because to me it the most beautiful, happy color.  I grew up with beautiful burgundy, gold, and forest green Christmas décor, which is beautiful, but I like bright, cool colors.

I had a blog that I stopped for a year before I started this one, and during Christmas time 2009 I blogged about blue Christmas decorations.  I’m guessing it’s not a color I’m going to grow out of.  At that time, I had no tree or money for decorations.  This year, however, I took the little money we had and I worked it.  I’ll be revealing our Christmas décor sometime before Christmas (I have so many posts planned this month I’m not sure where it will fit in), but for now, I’m going to show you the photos that inspired my blue Christmas obsession.  Okay, I love colorful vintage ornaments, too, so you’ll see some photos of those mixed in.  Click on any photo to be taken to its Pinterest source page.

We’ll start with my all-time favorite Christmas tree.  I’ve loved it since I first saw it two years ago:






I'm not normally a huge fan of pink, but pink vintage ornaments make my heart sing really loud Christmas carols.  Not sure what it is about them . . .







I posted a lot of photos of flocked trees.  One day, my dream is to have a flocked tree, but since we live in an apartment and it’s already snowy outside, I didn’t want to risk getting the flocking spray everywhere and somehow probably blowing up our apartment.  We’ll slowly build our Christmas collection.  Either way, I’m just thrilled to be able to decorate a little and start traditions with the man I’ll be celebrating every Christmas with for eternity.  It’s pretty exciting!

What colors inspired your Christmas decorating?


  1. Beautiful photos! I can't wait to see all that you have in store . . . we're going a little classic this year in terms of our decor. I'll be sharing details soon hopefully :)

  2. Your pictures sure are pretty! I like burgundy, Gold, Copper. I love pine cones with sparkle and icicles. I also love candy canes. I need to buy new ornaments, mine are a hodge podge of older ones, some are great but some are looking pretty bad. I want to get some of those big ones, they look awesome! I hope you have fun decorating!!


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