Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 23 Year Birthday to Mr. Converse Sneakers!

Almost four months ago, I married the sweetest, more adorable man I have ever laid eyes on.  Today he turns 23! 

San SarahWed469

I won’t yammer on and on about what he means to me, because I would probably ramble well into tomorrow, so I’ll leave that for our anniversaries and times when I feel inspired to let the world wide web know how much I love him.

But, to make this a worthwhile post, here’s 4 reasons why I am thankful for my hunka hunka burnin’ love (I’m sure he’s dying reading this) on this day:

San SarahWed432

1. He has the sweetest heart.  He’s as sweet as pink lemonade!  Seriously though, this is a man who will tip baristas five dollars for a four dollar cup of coffee, just because he’s sweet.  Many men I know need to be forced to even leave a tip at a restaurant, and this is a coffee shop!  He is pretty reserved when it comes to expressing himself to others, but he will stand up for someone he loves at any cost.  I’ve never met a man (or probably a woman) with as big of a heart as he has.


2. He makes me lots of food.  Okay, so I would love my husband regardless of whether he could cook or not, but I sure fell in love with him much faster and have stuck around for six years partially because I don’t know what I would do without his cooking!  So, I’m exaggerating slightly, but I will never be ungrateful for each and every meal made with love by the cutest man on the planet.  I won’t post the photo I secretly took of him wearing my blue and red polka dot apron after much begging and pleading on my part just to see him looking ridiculous in it.  Now there’s a keeper!

San SarahWed501

3. He’s great at this whole marriage thing.  If I had to dream up what a perfect husband would be, I would picture my husband.  I’m beyond lucky to have found someone so patient, loving, and forgiving.  I’m definitely the spouse with a larger learning curve when it comes to marriage.  The second we said our vows, Mr. Converse Sneakers became everything I have ever needed and I couldn’t be more thankful.


4. He’s the weirdest person I know.  To some, being weird is not a good thing, but I grew up with a father who prided himself in being eccentric and anything but normal.  I’m afraid I’ve followed in his embarrassing-to-a-female-teenager footsteps and find joy in anything even slightly quirky.  Fortunately, my husband, though appearing normal to many people, is known by me to bust a hilarious dance move here and there, to have a crazy obsession with zombies (I seriously thought he believed they were real for some time), to play with his food (as evidenced above), and to want a say in decorating our house (unlike any man I know).  These quirks (and the hundreds of others) are what make me love him the most.  I hope we continue to cherish the weird moments we have together for all of eternity.

So happy birthday, Babe!  I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much in this post.  You’ll be getting a feast this weekend and I’ll be back next week to share the photos!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Tell the ones you love why you cherish having them in your life.

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  1. Sounds like a great relationship! All the best to you both and I hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday!


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