Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turquoise Tree-Inspired Living Room Mood Board

Do you ever wonder, “What if I had the money to completely transform my _____ room?”  I love dreaming of how I would decorate a room differently because it helps me to better determine my design style (which I have yet to figure out because I like so many things).  Every Christmas I find myself wondering how a tree can be decorated to match a certain room I see on a blog or in a magazine.  Christmas is such a fun time to play up décor and try something new.  To mix my want of designing a tree to match a room and completely scheming up a brand new room, I have made a mood board.

I picked a Christmas tree from the Christmas tree inspiration post I shared earlier this week:


I am as madly in love with this tree as someone could be with a tree, but am not too fond of the room.  I’m not a huge fan of super-traditional spaces and overly matchy rooms.  I love the turquoise, but it’s a bit too much in this room.  I loved the dog, however, so he/she stayed.  She looks like a Norma to me.  Anyway, I have wondered what this tree would look like in a different room, so I designed a whole room to fit the tree, not to match it completely but a room that the tree would naturally fit in.

Here’s what I came up with (say hi to Norma):


I admit, my eyes get a bit of sensory overload when they look at that image, but after staring at it for a few seconds, little hearts appear in my pupils because I love it oh so very much!  I really love rooms that have some daring splashes of color but balance neutrals as well.  Keep reading to see why I chose every piece and find the links to each item.

1. I couldn’t help but pull in this Michelle Armas painting.  Even Mr. Converse Sneakers likes it and that’s saying a lot since we rarely agree on anything design-related.  He gave this room an “8” by the way.  Not bad!  We both love the abstract splotches of bright colors that make us happy when we look at the painting.  Over time, the room could pull in many other colors since the painting offers so many.  Also, it could act as a conversation piece – just tell guests that the painting is called “Zombie Jeeves” and they’ll be staring quizically at it all night while you steel extra helpings of stuffing.

2. There’s not much to say about this media console.  It’s cute, it’s white, it has beadboard, and it’s quaint.  When I was originally dreaming up this room, I imagined the tree being in a coastal cottage room, but I strayed from that.  The console definitely still gives off that vibe but fits in the room.

3. Oh, the rug.  Oh, how I love this rug.  I’ve discovered over the years that gray is one of my favorite neutral colors (along with white).  If I had to pick a favorite shade of gray, the gray of this rug would be the winner.  I love the kind of bohemian pattern that is a play on both traditional and contemporary geometric patterns.  It’s a winner in my can’t-decide-if-I’m-a-modern-or-traditional-decorator heart.

4. I couldn’t help but imagine what Mr. CS would want in this room, and since he is a huge fan of orange, I thought, “What the heck,” and threw the ottoman in the mix.  I love the sherbet tone of orange and of course am totally won over by the tufting and it’s mini footprint.  I also like how it compliments without matching completely with the yellow ikat pillow.

5. When I use a neutral color to ground a room, I like to layer different shades of it around the room to add interest and keep the neutrals from becoming boring.  When I spotted this chair, I knew it would blend in nicely with the room because of its darker gray color and the straight lines that would balance out the curves of the other upholstered pieces.

6. I just love little round side tables!  I don’t know what it is about them, but they always look so nice next to a chair.  I like how it looks next to the straight-lined chair and isn’t begging for clutter to be placed on its small top.

7. I had a hard time picking a lamp.  Should it be crystal, colorful, nickel , oil-rubbed bronze, etc.?  So many choices!  So, I just picked a small, simple one that would blend in since there are already enough colors and patterns in the room.

8. I chose this coffee table because of its deep wood tone and its many drawers.  I like chunky wood pieces of furniture and thought this would help balance the otherwise light-and-bright room.  Plus, it would add some storage!

9. This sofa made and appearance on my wishlist yesterday and is back once more (just like the painting).  I picked the sofa first before anything else because I knew it would look great with the tree.  It’s a little bit traditional, a little bit modern.  It’s both masculine and feminine.  And, get this, it can be both formal and casual.  It’s the perfect sofa, if you ask me.  Love, love, LOVE!

10. I picked the turquoise and yellow ikat pillows to bring in some more color and to help the tree fit in a little more.  I wasn’t a huge fan of ikat when it first made its appearance, but I have been drooling over the almost polka-dot ikat since I saw it.  I had to add the yellow version because I love how it looks with the turquoise, gray, and dark pink.  Funny, all of those colors were in our wedding!

11. I initially picked out neutral tan curtains because I imagined the walls being painted a light blue, but since this is a mood board and not a real room, there are no walls, so I brought in more blue with these fun trellis curtains.  I’m a little scared when it comes to layering patterns, but I think I did an okay job this time!

Too bad this isn’t a real room, because I love it!  I may have found my style.  What would you call this style?  I may have to come up with my own name.

If your Christmas tree sprouted a brand new room to match, what would it look like?


  1. I love the turquoise tree! You should totally go for it and make sure you share some pics when it is up! And the Michelle Armas painting is adorable, good choice Sarah! xx

  2. LOVE the furniture! Would be a very comfortable room!

  3. Me too! Love all the furniture. All are beautiful and unique. Can be place perfectly in any homes.

  4. The furniture look great. I love the idea of making the turquoise color your theme for your interior design. I can see that you also have a wooden flooring. That's actually great. It's safe and durable.

  5. Your mood board is very impressive. I love the combination of colors and the designs are really great. Try including a carpet to to tie everything up together. Anyhow, great taste!

    flooring temecula


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