Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can I Get a Little Christmas In Here?

I hope the title of this post didn’t turn anyone away just yet.  I know Christmas is a good three months away, but I am newly married, like fresh off the alter just a little over a month ago, and now I have traditions on my mind.  I can’t think of a time of year full of more traditions than Christmas time!  I’ve never purchased a Christmas tree or done much Christmas decorating because I never had a place that I actually called home and not “the apartment” or “the dorm” before now, so Christmas decorating is definitely on my mind!
I’m planning ahead because we have only a little money to spend on Christmas décor, which can be very expensive!

Thankfully, places like Craigslist are already full of ads for very affordable trees and decorations.  Most secondhand stores like Goodwill, however, don’t usually accept Christmas-related items until Christmas time, so they aren’t stocked until then either, sadly. I’ve been looking daily on Craigslist so I can sweep in on a good deal on a tree and laugh maniacally until I can put the tree up.  Halloween season makes maniacal laughs all the rage, don’tchaknow?

I saw one like this one made by Martha Stewart for under $50 (a savings of about $200)!  There are all sorts for sale, including pre-lit, as well as both white and green trees.

The main reason I am looking so early is because I’m dreaming of a tree that is flocked.  I know there are ways to flock a tree yourself, but after doing so, you usually have to keep the tree put together in storage which we don’t have the ability to do.  Buying one that already has some white on it would make me very happy since I don’t really love a pure green or a pure white tree.

I am also looking for vintage or vintage-inspired ornaments and decorations.  I’m not a traditional red and green person.  I love blues, bright greens, yellows, and pinks, which typically are found in vintage ornaments that I cannot get enough of, like these:

I figure you are all much more experienced at Christmas decorating, so I want to know when you start planning for that magical time of year?  If you love scoring a good deal by going secondhand, what sources do you turn to and what great deals have you scored?  I’m dying to hear read about them!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    The truth is that I know no one that anticipates both Christmas like you. Hahaha =)
    But I think like you, there is no more important time of year that Christmas and can not wait to understand it is your first Christmas as MARRIED! And have you home you have to decorate.

    In my house we usually decorate the house two weeks before Christmas, but the decoration continues until 6 January.

    As I do not like to put red and green classicism, very boring.
    At home we tend to blue, purple .... But every year we tend to use basically the same objects of decoration, but there is always something new.

    Hahahaha I never comment on your posts because I was embarrassed, but I read them all! But finally I Decic and ....I love !!!!!!!!!

    Many Greetings


  2. I have made many of my Christmas decor as well as buying one or two items each year to add to what I have. I have many ornaments given to me or made by my children over the years and each time I put them on the tree, it brings back memories.
    Although they do not match, I think the tree always looks wonderful because of all of those memories hanging on it. I also include decor on my Christmas list so loved ones can help me add to the collection. I also have shopped at Goodwill after Christmas to see if they have something I might like to add to my collection.
    I love Christmas and believe it would be good if we could keep the feelings of it all year through. So you go girl!


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