Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pseudo-Copycat Candy Corn Wreath

I suppose now that it is officially fall, I can finally start doing a little fall decorating, although I will admit that I am very apprehensive to switch from being summer-minded to being fall-minded.  In Minnesota, there is a fine line between summer and winter that is completely unpredictable.  That fine line is autumn, and as much as I love it, I cannot love it too much because snow is just around the corner.  Snow does not seem to care if we are only a week into fall.

That being said, I figure I should stay ahead of the game by doing some decorating for the season in case it can act as a preudo-rain/weather dance to keep the snow away until December first.  Wouldn’t that be nice?
Yeah, I am a fool, I know.  Why even think like that in this state where winter lasts six months?

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I made a wreath!  I’m sure you guessed that by my rambling, right?  I hope you are proud, Mom, because I am now taking after you with your crafty wreath-making skills (she used to make lots of wreaths and other floral arrangements and sell them at craft fairs and stores).

I am sad to admit that this wreath is not a completely original idea.  I thought it was, but after doing a little google-searching, I found out that I am not a genius in the wreath world.  I wanted something Halloween and fall-inspired, but I didn’t want it to be overly muted oranges since I love bright colors and I didn’t want it to be too serious.  I thought I would make a wreath out of some sort of candy since Halloween is prime candy time.  After a little thinking, I decided candy corn would be perfect!  Man, did I feel proud as I bought a couple bags of the sweet striped treat, until, that is, I saw that Woman’s Day had already created such a wreath.  Bummer!

So, I did what any other wreath-idea-stealing-crafter would do: I put my own spin on it!

The Woman’s Day version tells you to cover your styrofoam wreath with black tape.  Well, I am not a big fan of black and wanted the wreath to be light and bright, so I just glued the candy corn directly to the already white and bright styrofoam wreath.  Talk about a rebellious wreath-idea-thief!

Then I added some leaves and a fake black bird and I was done, you know because I had to make it my own.





For the sake of keeping it real, I will admit that leaving the wreath to sit around our home while I decided where to hang it was not a good idea.  We may or may not have candy corn sugar-glued to a file cabinet . . . And I may or may not have no good place to hang this little cutie, but I suppose it still counts as decorating even if it is leaning up against a wall in our living room floor, sugar-gluing itself to the carpet.  How’s that for keeping it real?

What fall decorating have you been working on?

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  1. I love candy corn! That is a cute wreath! For fall, I made an acorn squash center piece for the dining room. I had a good squash harvest from the garden so naturally I decorate with them. I like them, they remind me of harvest time. I have some other fall decor I have collected over the years and will be spreading it around the house soon. I'm just not wanting to let go of summer yet. Happy crafting!!

  2. Love your wreath! I've had a few projects like that, too, where I think it's a cool and original idea - only to find out it's already been done. :) Your wreath looks fun and festive, though! Love the bird!


  3. That came out great! It's not about whether it was copied, but whether it was done well. And this was done well. I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky @


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