Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Wedding: Part 2–The First Look

Last week I introduced our wedding by kicking it off with our getting ready photos.  Once again, our amazing photos were taken by Leah Maria Photography.  She’s awesome!

While us girls were getting ready for photos in the upper part of the banquet hall, the men were in the banquet hall waiting.  Through windows, we could look down and spy on them!  Hee hee!  I got to see my hubby before he got to see me which was kind of fun.  However, as the first look grew nearer, the sound of his voice made me giddy.  I was so nervous but extremely excited to see him and show off his bride!  I had been waiting for that moment for six years (well, pretty much – we were pretty sure when we started dating in high school that we would get married).  I tried to do some last minute touchups that I didn’t really need to do just to put the moment off a little longer, to make it last, because I wanted every part of the day to go very slowly.  We all know how that goes, but it did help!

While he waited for me out by the fountain outside, Leah snapped some photos of my handsome man!

San SarahWed053San SarahWed054

San SarahWed052San SarahWed056

All the tuxes were rented from Men’s Wearhouse (his was free due to a promotion they were running at the time).  The groomsmen got their ties and shoes from there as well.  Mr. Converse Sneakers got his tie from Macy’s (not sure of the brand), his shoes from Journeys (they’re Vans), and his socks from Target.  The corsages, bouquets, and all other wedding flowers were done by our day-of coordinator and “event designer” (although I designed it all but that’s her official title) Christina at The Creative Side.

San SarahWed055

I love these next photos because they show how nervous he was.  I had been building up the anticipation about the dress for months and would joke about it, saying it was a certain style I know he hates.  He didn’t appreciate that.  He had a pretty good idea of what it looked like, so I had to throw him off!

San SarahWed059San SarahWed060

San SarahWed061San SarahWed062

San SarahWed063San SarahWed064

San SarahWed065San SarahWed066

San SarahWed068San SarahWed069

I love seeing both of our faces as we saw one another face to face for the first time on our big day.  I was so interested in his reaction that I didn’t even realize how happy I looked (and truly was)!

San SarahWed070San SarahWed072

San SarahWed074San SarahWed076

San SarahWed077

One of the best moments of the day was when he cried when he saw me.  It was so sweet!  I still can’t believe I didn’t cry because I cried just thinking about the day most of the time!

Seconds after this moment, I pointed out that he had pepper stuck between his teeth from his lunch.  It was such a funny moment because it was just so us.  We have a hard time being serious sometimes, like during huge life-altering events.  It lightened the mood and helped the day feel a little more normal, which calmed my nerves for the time being.

Then it was time for a couple photos of just us two.  I love him so much!  He’s my knight in shining armor marinara-stained chef coat (well, every other day but that day when he gets home from work)!  I wouldn’t want him any other way.

San SarahWed079San SarahWed081

San SarahWed082

San SarahWed083

San SarahWed085

San SarahWed089San SarahWed092

I’m so glad we did the first look.  Sure, the ceremony with me walking down the aisle wasn’t as monumental, but I had so many other nerves going on then (walking the right way, keeping my back straight, smiling, not being overwhelmed by all the people, saying everything right, etc.) that it was kind of nice to not have the pressure on me and Mr. CS to act so surprised when I walked down the aisle.  We got to relish in the day a lot more and were not pressured to finish our pictures after the ceremony.  It was the perfect choice for us.

Next week I’ll be sharing the bridal party photos.  I love so many of them – hopefully I won’t go crazy with all the photos!  Who am I kidding, who can’t help but gush over their own wedding?!

What was your favorite moment when you saw your spouse for the first time on your wedding day or when you were at someone else’s wedding?  Did you comment on something he had stuck in his teeth? 

Have a happy Monday!

If you are as scared of sewing as I am (which is very much so), drop in tomorrow when I’ll be sharing my history with sewing and what I’m going to do to conquer my fear.


  1. You both look very happy and beautiful!
    When I got married they mostly took more formal pictures. To be honest I don't remember much of our wedding anymore but I can always look at the pictures to remember. We don't have a first look photo but I think it is a cute idea! All your photos are very sweet!

  2. Your wedding had to be beautiful! And I love the yellow color detail! The photos are great, light, color, ... all
    San was great, but you were very pretty.
    Lucky guy!!




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