Friday, September 9, 2011

Throbbing Ovaries

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my very first friend-baby, you know a baby birthed by one of those people you love very dearly but aren’t blood related to?  She was also my first friend to get married last October and now she and her husband welcomed the sweetest baby boy, Parker!

He is way too cute to describe through words so I will let the photos do the talking.  He makes my ovaries throb, which sounds kind of morbid to other people, but completely describes what I’m feeling.


When my friend, Courtney, found out she was pregnant, her husband, Patrick, was adamant that the baby had to be a boy because he could not handle having a baby girl growing up and doing things like dating and getting married – he would be a nervous wreck!  He was very happy to find out they were having a boy!  I hope Courtney gets her girl one day and Pat becomes the nervous adorable wreck of a daddy!  I think he will enjoy it!





Such a beautiful family!  I would love to be a photographer one day and shoot babies nonstop, but for now I will stick to baby Parker – I can’t get enough!








Mr. Converse Sneakers held him for a long time.  He has baby fever bad!


The second we got married, I got baby fever, too!  My ovaries have been seriously throbbing – sometimes almost quite literally – since we got married because my body knows its biological clock is ticking.  Something very strange happened after we got married, too: babies started calling out to us to bring another little munchkin into the world.  Everywhere we would go, they would wave at us, some would coo, and others would just stare and point at us.  I’m not exaggerating!  I’m a firm believer in God leading lives down a certain path, so I started to think all the pointing and waving was more than just a coincidence.  San and I thought maybe He was trying to heavily hint to us that it was time to start making babies.  But, we wanted to wait a couple years to start trying since, you know, we’re 22, I’m still in school, we waited a long time to finally get to this point where we get to live together and spend lots of time together and we want to enjoy it.

Well, we prayed long and hard one day to give us another, more obvious sign, and told ourselves if one more baby waved at us or did something similar, we would know God wanted us to take part in His miracle of creation.  I’m not sure if I should start this sentence with fortunately or unfortunately, but either way, nothing happened since.  It’s been a couple weeks and we have not seen one sign and we’ve been looking very hard, so we figure to just keep waiting until we think the time is right.

Being around little precious Parker this weekend helped me come to terms with this.  Holding him, pointing out all his tiny details, and thinking about how much of a miracle he is, I realized I’m okay with not having a little miracle of my own yet.  I’m not ready for a lifelong commitment that a child is yet, and although I think we will never be ready, I feel good waiting.  It’s strange because I have dreamed of having children since I was one myself, and now that I’m married and technically ready in most ways, I’m happy waiting.

A couple years is not very long to wait, I realized, so now we will spending the next few years dreaming some more, planning, and waiting for our little miracles who will completely change our lives.  I just want things to stay the way they are for a little while longer because with miracles of this kind comes the greatest, and most incredible responsibility.

In the meantime, Courtney can have as many as she wants because I sure love spending time with other people’s babies!


  1. What a beautiful family! Babies are so wonderful but you are right they are an awesome responsibility that lasts a lifetime. Although I do not think there is any perfect time to have a child, I do think there are better times than others. It is something you have to look forward to and in the mean time you can get settled into your new relationship.

  2. Watch out for that baby fever, haha! :) I believe it was my mother who told me to really enjoy marriage and our family of 2 before embarking on the baby adventure, and looking back I'm glad we waited. We were married at 22, as well, and spent a fun few years being young and exploring ourselves and our hobbies before we realized that we were ready for the next adventure and all the change that comes with it. So enjoy your little family of 2 - because before you know it time will fly and you'll have a family of 3 to look after! :)



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