Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inspiration for an Inspiring Space

Ever since we finally got around to hanging our desk skirt, I have been dreaming of a functional and inspirational workspace.  Since I am a grad student, I will log countless hours at this desk and want something that is functional and not what it is now, which is basically a junk holder.  Everything moves from our living room and bedroom and on to the desk since it is large and can hold a lot.  This means I rarely use said desk because I can’t fit my laptop on it and I can’t think in a cluttered room.  I literally would have to spend half an hour organizing just so I could sit down and have a productive study session.

But, not working at the desk means I sit in front of the TV while Mr. Converse Sneakers is playing one of his zombie video games (or something – I’m not up on these things) or watching Dexter which means I am still getting nothing done.  We need to fix that!

Right now, we have big dreams, I mean BIG dreams, for our office portion of our bedroom.  They may or may not include even more clothing storage since our two tiny closets are bursting out the doors almost every day until laundry day and then the cycle starts all over.  Since we have little floor space lefts, we are looking to our walls for vertical storage that will not only add functionality and inspiration, but will hopefully look great.  While we save up, I have been drooling over these photos to serve as inspiration for our inspiring space (all photos are linked to my pinterest if you are interested in the source):

Although we have yet to decide on the other colors we will be bringing in, since right now our bedroom is tan, brown, and aqua blue which needs some more colors to make it bright and happy like we want, we know exactly what we plan on doing to add more vertical storage to our apartment.  Thankfully we are able to put holes in our walls (unlike every dorm room I had the past four years – thank goodness for Command products!), so shelves may or may not be on our shopping list.  But there’s a lot more in the works, so stay tuned!

What we like about all of these rooms is that they all use the walls and/or bookcases of some kind to keep the office clutter tucked away.  I also love that they all are colorful and fun, but could be recreated affordably, which is exactly what we plan on doing.  We can’t wait to get to work on this and share all the progress with you!

Do you have an office space in your home?  How do you keep it from getting cluttered?


  1. I find vertical storage a must for my office. Unfortunately the office seems to always be the dumping ground for everything from other rooms and then I have to spend a day organizing and putting things back where they belong.
    All of the office pictures you show are very inspiring and colorful. Can't wait to see what you decide for your space!

  2. Your space looks wonderful and very organized. Thank you very much for sharing this.


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