Thursday, September 1, 2011

State Fair Calorie Counting

This week has been full of Minnesota traditions!  First, it was the Renaissance Festival with my parents, and now the state fair with none other than my favorite hubby man, Mr. Converse Sneakers!  I sure love our county fair back home where both Mr. CS and I grew up, but we REALLY love the MN State Fair.  Why?

The food, duh!  If you want to know anything about our marriage, it is that it is food-driven.  Sure, we love each other and all, but we really love food!  Ha, of course I’m kidding just a bit, but we seriously spend much of our time together talking about food-related topics.

I thought it would be fun to tease you all with photos of the delicious treats we shared, and while you are drooling over each one, you can try to guess the calorie count.  I have no idea how many calories were in any of these, nor do I ever want to know, but I thought it would be fun to play along.

Let’s go!

Numero uno . . .


Ginger soda and ginger beer.  I guess 250 calories (we only had the soda).

For breakfast we had number two . . .


A HUGE cone of chocolate chip cookies.  I guess 1,500.


Numero tres was called “Puff Daddy On-A-Stick” which was Asian sausage rolled in puff pastry and drizzled with peanut sauce.  Hmm….400 is my modest guess.

We’re up to 2,150 calories guessed so far!


We had to have the caramel apple funnel cake which I think weighs in at least at 1,000!  It was huge!


Mr. Converse Sneakers had to have more beer at what I will guess is 200 calories.


Square cheese curds?


Nope . . . SPAM curds!!!  I only eat Spam at the fair, and boy was it delicious!  I guess 700.  I sure hope I am over-guessing.


One vendor was selling a kit to make frozen wine.  I normally don’t like wine unless it’s the really cheap, sweet stuff, but this was delicious!  I ‘d guess 90 calories in that little sample.


Chicken fried bacon was a must, especially with the cinnamon maple syrup sauce!  Definitely gotta be close to 700 here.

And now we’re up to 4,840 predicted calories!

But that’s not all!



Deep fried oreos!  I guess another 800.  I don’t even know what to base these predictions off of!  I’m sure I’m way off – but it’s fun!  You should play, too!



This raspberry malt from the dairy building was my favorite of the day.  The raspberries were so fresh and the vanilla malt was out of this world.  Mixed together, they were heavenly!  I’d say 500.


And lastly, the Australian battered potatoes.  YUMMY!  They were so good covered in nacho cheese and ranch.  They have to be pushing 1,200 calories, don’t you think?  They were huge!

So, I finished with an estimate of 7,340 calories eaten!  Well, we split everything but the beer, so it was more like 3,670 per person which is not horrible since that is all we ate all day, only putting us about 1,000 over our daily limit.  Only?  Haha, all for the sake of tradition.  But these were all guesses.  What’s your guess?

I also wanted to share some photos I took of the fun-filled day:


Apparently, I’m not the only Minnesotan who loves the fair.


Of course we had to check out the home improvement buildings!


Such pretty colors!


How many calories would you suppose is in a head sculpted out of butter?


How many calories . . .  Oh, heck, I’m just kidding!  Pigs are one of my favorite animals. I’ve always wanted to name one Disco.  These little ones were just a day old and oh so cute!  One was trying to shake his ears off his own head.  Darling!


We’ll end this post with a shot of my studly man who likes to wear those red sneakers.  I love him so!

What fatty foods do you love to indulge in?

What was your final count of how many calories we ate?

Pssst....Mr. CS also posted his version of the day.  Check it out on his blog here.


  1. You're making me want to go back again!!! All this glorious food I missed out on! I feel like I never see any of the crazy stuff! Chicken fried bacon?! YUM!!! We LOVE going to the fair too. Just like you guys, we are a very food-focused couple! I wish we would have taken pics of our food selections at the fair. Funny though, about 1/3 of our honeymoon photos were of all the different foods we ate! It's so fun to look back at!

  2. What a great post on the Fair! I guess well over 10,000 calories but it is only once a year, right!

    I love the picture of your hubby, really artistic!

    Food is love in my house so you had a whole lot of LOVE!!!


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