Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Bad Blog Goals for 2012

Since my blog started only a few months ago last August, I have many big plans for this year!  Since I’ve rambled on a lot in the past two posts, I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet. 
Here are my blog-related goals for 2012:

Goal #1: Go Easy on Myself

Everything I do, I try to do perfectly.  Well, in my book, there is no such thing as perfect blogging, so I’m just setting myself up for failure by trying to blog my way to perfection.  This year, I am going to try to be easier on myself.  If I don’t have time for five posts a week, no big deal.  If a project I try falls through, I’ll blog about it anyway.  I don’t want anyone thinking I’m perfect or that I’m too proud to admit to failure.  This year, I’m welcoming failure and backing away from perfection.

Goal #2: Step Away from the Screen

I love the blog world, probably too much, so I spend far too much time attached to my laptop.  I plan on being more purposeful when I boot up my computer and will try to limit how much time I spend blog-surfing.  Hopefully, this will leave more time for creative, informational, and/or interesting blog posts that you will enjoy reading.

Goal #3: Create a New Blog Layout

I set up this layout when I first started the blog, but it’s looking a little blah to me as of late.  I like the retro feel to it, but am not a fan of the blocky header.  In time, I hope to change it up and make it more functional in the process.

Goal #4: Get to Know You Better

Sometimes I forget real people actually read my blog.  It’s pretty amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful!  I plan on responding to everyone personally more, answering questions directly, and coming up with a better commenting system so chatting away is much easier.  I also want to stop by more of your own blogs because you all are very interesting!  This may cut into goal #2, but I’m willing to take that risk.

Goal #5: Participate in the Community More

I read a lot of blogs.  A LOT.  I can barely keep up with all the reading, but I love reading about other people’s decorating decisions and quirky lifestyles.  I want to start commenting more and getting to know other bloggers.  I also would like to participate in more linky parties because they are just darn fun!

Goal #6: Open Up More

I love bloggers who use Twitter and Facebook to let us into their lives a little bit more.  Now that I have an iPhone, I can easily take photos of my life and instantly upload them to both Twitter and Facebook.  I have already started plugging away at this and have to say that it’s very fun!  I now have a purpose for those social media sites so they don’t sit dormant.  You can follow me on Twitter here or like Redhead in Ruffled Flats on Facebook here.

So many goals!  So little time!  For the next 365 I’m going to be busy, but it will be completely worth it.  Here’s to my first full year of blogging on RiRF and making bloggy friends!

If you have a blog, what are your blog goals?

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  1. speaking of linky parties gussy sews has a good one that I'm planning on doing once I get my blog up and running. :)


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