Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Redheaded Thoughts

I’m having one of those days where I have a lot on my mind.  I love when blogger post random posts, so I thought I would just spill it all out for you to meander through at your own discretion.


We’ve started reading the Bible together, which is something we have never done before.  It’s really a beautiful thing to sit down and read the Good News together and to reflect on what it means and how we can follow Jesus better.  We have started with the Gospels and will be slowly making our way through the whole thing.

Over the course of the past week, I have read or skimmed through every post on Katelyn James’ photography blog.  I am obsessed with her style, her brand, and her openness about her life, faith, and business.  She has greatly inspired me to pour my heart into my teeny tiny little photography business.  You should check out her blog.  She is also a redhead (don't be confused by the photo above - it's not me - I have green eyes)!


As promised, I will update you on the whole house hunting excursion we just started yesterday.  We saw two houses yesterday with our current realtor (not sure we will stick with him because he has been late both times we’ve met with him but seems like a good person and realtor).  One was cute on the outside, but was falling apart on the inside.  The basement was completely covered in mold.  I felt sick the rest of the day just thinking about it.  It was in a great neighborhood, but I told our realtor “Not in a million years.”  The second house was a little better, but still a huge no.  Some of the walls were mysteriously placed at an angle and the basement ceiling were about as tall as us, and we are short.  It was way too small as well, but at least it wasn’t covered in mold.

We have started looking at apartments too because we don’t want to be stuck in our current apartment once our roommate moves out since the entire rent costs as much as our top-end monthly mortgage payment would be (including taxes, mortgage, and property insurance).  If we don’t find a house in our current price range (which I am guessing we won’t, but we will keep looking just in case), we are going to move into an affordable apartment, save up most of my full-time income once I have a full-time job, and get preapproved for a higher amount figuring in both of our incomes.  We are happy with either scenario, but would love to find a super affordable home in our current price range.  I do believe in miracles!

This song (which I found on Katelyn James’ blog randomly) has been played at least 20 times since Sunday.  I absolutely love it!  I haven’t been that big into Christian music in my life, but last year I really started getting into it.  Listening to it throughout the day causes me to point my thoughts toward Christ, which is something I’ve been working on for a long time.  I have teared up many a time listening to this song, just feeling so thankful for being alive with such a magnificent Creator and Savior.


I haven’t written much about my photography business because I was so busy last semester that I barely had time to do anything not school-related, but it has taken up much of my thoughts over the past few months.  I am at the point where I really just want to gain experience, especially with weddings, but I have had the hardest time finding someone willing to let me jump on board with them.  The industry has changed drastically when it comes to mentoring since more people are getting into photography leaving people guarded to share their experiences, which makes sense, but this has me feeling very discouraged.  I’m trudging on, but it is not easy!  And, yes, above is a little snapshot of our kitchen that is always chaotic.  We were just about to take out the garbage, I promise!

curly hair
Yesterday I curled my hair just for fun.  I had myself believing I couldn’t do anything cute with my new short ‘do, but I was wrong!  I snapped the photo above with my iPhone since I am horrible at taking self portraits with a heavy DSLR.


I’ve had these magazines since the week before Christmas.  They followed me around my parents’ house all Christmas break, as I eagerly waited for a time to read them but found no time.  Now, they have been staring at me to open them up and tear out their beautiful pages for my inspiration binder, but still, three weeks into January, I have yet to get to them.  I will soon!

While I’m already being random, I’d love to offer the chance to ask me anything in the comments.  I try to share a lot, but I know many areas of my life do not get covered and there are probably things others are wondering about.  Please ask any questions you are wondering about in the comments!


  1. You will find a lovely house, I promise! 6 months is plenty of time and this is a slow time for stock on the market. No, no, no on the moldy houses. Besides, your lender will not be all that excited to lend on a house needing abatement. And your first house should make you feel at home. You'll know!
    Good luck, your blog is delightful!

  2. So neat that you guys are reading through the Bible together. I really like hearing how other couples stay connected with God, because I feel like it's been so hard for us to get into a routine.

    And Anonymous is right, six months is a long time! We got approved on just my husband's income, too. We had just over three months to find a house before our wedding. We saw a lot of horrible houses, but all it took was one! My husband checked Zillow every morning, saw a great house, we were the first people to see it, and we made an offer that same day! All of this was after looking for about a month, and we closed one month after that.

    Sorry this turned into a novel, but the point is you can do it! God really will lead y'all to the perfect house! Hopefully sooner rather than later. :)

  3. Funny, I have so many random thoughts through out the day. Don't give up on your dreams, put your faith in God. Rely upon God's word to live your life. I like the hair do! I read the bible too when I was your age, probably time for me to read it through again. I have a bunch of magazines I have not gotten to yet too. The main ingredient in the success of a business is perseverance, and loving what you do, God will always make a way to do it. It might be worthwhile for a class on home maintenance, believe it or not it can save you a lot of money in the long run. God Bless!

  4. How about pictures of the houses you view and the pros and cons of them? ( do NOT publish the addresses).
    I love architecture and how different towns differ in especially their older homes/and specialty type buildings.


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