Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Haircut: CHECK! New Layout: CHECK!

As much as I don’t like certain changes, like starting a new job, staying away from home, and starting a new workout routine, sometimes I crave changes.  For example, I have a trend of growing my hair out really long only to chop it off after growing sick of it.  I grew it out in 2006, chopped it off in 2007, grew it out until 2008, chopped it off in 2009, grew it out until 2011, chopped it off in 2012.  Horrible, I tell you.  Here’s photographic proof:


It’s a little pathetic if you ask me.  I both love and loathe both long and short hair and mostly just loathe medium length hair.  Who knows what that’s about . . . I think that’s a post for a different time unless you care to discuss it in the comments (be my guest).

What I am really here to discuss is the new look of my pride and joy: this here blog o’ mine.  I’d say the old look was like a short haircut: not much to look at but kind of cute.  Since I made it before I started posting, I didn’t have any images from the blog to include, so I used a retro color scheme (red, pink, and aqua) along with some vintage flower decals to make it feel like “me.”

New header

Well, just as any haircut for me starts to feel boring and blah after a while, so did the layout.  This new look is like a long hair cut: more versatile but a little more high-maintenance.  As my blog changes, I can switch up the photos in the header and even change the fonts and graphic above the photos which I couldn’t do with my old header.  However, this means more work for me, but I’m up for the challenge.

I kept the flower graphic, background, and color scheme of the old layout, but refreshed it with new fonts and a couple of new tweaks.  I based the design off of my photography website which I worked incredibly hard on and love.  I like how they are more cohesive now.

If you are wondering where the photos from the header come from, then here’s a list just for you:

Ahhh, how I love looking at these photos every time I come to read my own blog. :P

I made the blog a little more interactive, but will be working more on that over the next few weeks.


At the end of each post, I’ve added a link to “Like” or “Share” the post on Facebook.  I’d love if you share a post you like with your friends, but that’s completely up to you.  Also, at the end of the post you will now find the comments link as usual as well as the post labels, options to share the post in a variety of ways, and a place to react to the post.  I just thought it would be a fun way to interact in case someone doesn’t want to or doesn’t have time to leave a comment.

I also plan on adding some more functional items to the sidebar as well as some more pages, but those are going to take me a little longer to work on.

If you read my post about my big bad blog goals for 2012, you will know that one of my goals is to open up more by utilizing social media more effectively.  Well, I’ve been tweeting and updating my statuses like crazy!  See?


Now that I have an iPhone and have downloaded the instagram app, I have been uploading photos like crazy from my day.  You can view the updates on my Twitter profile here and my Facebook page here.  I’d love if you followed along on either or both sites because you will get to see and read about things I don’t always get to posting about on the blog.  Plus, it’s just fun!  I’ve already been incredibly active on Pinterest (946 pins!?!), so stop on by to see what I’ve been up to there.  Note: all of these links can easily be found on the sidebar. > > >

I think that’s the full tour.  I’m hoping I won’t get sick of it any time soon.  Let me know if you have any reactions, comments, concerns, troubles, or issues with or about the new layout!  I’d love some feedback!


  1. Love the new look :) I'm with you on the hair... I have really curly hair - which only works when it's long. But it's too cold in MN in the winter to go with wet curly hair to work, so I chop it short in the winter. Love it short & straight too... but the in-between hair... urg. Not a fan.

  2. Gah, I'm the exact same with my hair! Except it takes me about two years between chop-cycles because I like to grow it LONG and then chop it off REALLY short! I grew it out for my wedding in 2008 and then chopped it off after getting back from our honeymoon...which means I'm still growing it out again! But probably by the end of the year, i'll be sick of the maintenance and chop it all off again - too funny!

  3. Love the new look!!! looking fancy!!

    I hate the in the middle stage too of growing hair. Its either gotta be long or short!

    Looks great though with you either way!
    They say change is as good as a holiday!

  4. Love the looks of the redesigned site! Like the hair cut. Always nice to have a little change in life that makes you feel brand new!

  5. Your new haircut is haircute. You will look very polished and professional for your student teaching!
    The new blog layout is also nicely done!
    Enjoying your site, Sarah, continue on!

  6. First of all, you really got a cute lay out. It looks young and fresh. It is very pleasing to the eyes. Your hair in 2009 looks great on you. You look young on the other photos, that one makes you look more gorgeous. haircutting classes


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