Monday, January 9, 2012

Times, Er, Blogs are A-Changing

As I promised last week, I made some additional updates to my little corner of the blogiverse beyond updating my layout.  I’ve made some major additions to the sidebar and have added a few pages as well.  Let’s begin with the pages.

If you scroll up, under the header with the logo and photos you will see a blue bar that has links on it.  Before this only had links to the about page, contact page, my photography website, and our wedding page.  I have added three more pages.


New Page Numero Uno: Featured On

My blog is still pretty new and I am continuously thinking of new things to write about, however I plan on working even harder on my content this year and hopefully will get recognized by some other bloggers or websites and hopefully make some friends along the way.  If I’m featured on any other blog or website, I’ll be sure to update the page.


New Page Numero Dos:  Projects/Tips/Tutorials

As my blog grows, so will the amount of tips, projects, and tutorials I write about.  Even I forget what I have written in the past, so I don’t expect you to have to go searching for all of these posts.  Also, I love looking through pages like this on new blogs I discover so I can quickly get to some of the best posts.  Feel free to look around on that page and look back as I continue to update it.


New Page Numero Tres: Sponsors

After being contacted by Shabby Apple to host last week’s giveaway as well as a few other companies which I declined at the moment, I decided to open up the route to bring in sponsors if anyone would like to advertise on my blog.  However, I am going to be very choosy about any sponsors I take on.  This blog reflects me, the redhead in ruffled flats, so I will only accepts sponsors that I personally believe in and would or have bought from.

Now, for the sidebar updates!


I spruced up my sidebar intro image to reflect the new layout and my personality.  I love how it looks!


If you scroll down just a bit further, you will see an image advertisement that randomizes depending on what I blog about or what you have searched.  I am now using Google Adsense to bring in a little extra decorating money in case anyone decides to click on the ads.  Blogging definitely isn’t about money for me, but I really like Google Ads and have clicked on them many times myself, so having personalized ads run in that little spot is completely fine by me.  If at any time I change my mind about running Google Ads, I’ll remove them.  Like I said, it’s not about the money (so far, I haven’t made a penny and I’m perfectly happy).


Further down on the side bar is a new update with popular posts.  Using statistics of page views and number of comments, I’ve compiled five of my most popular posts.  I’ll update these as other posts become more popular.


And lastly, I have added 150x150 blog buttons for anyone that wants to link to this blog.  I love looking at them – I just love the new layout and the color scheme!  Feel free to grab one of the buttons if you are interested. :)

I hope you have enjoyed the new updates!  As much as this blog is for me to express myself and share my life with the ones I love, it is also a place others come to read, learn, laugh, cry, and search around.  Hopefully these updates have made all of those things a little easier and more enjoyable.  Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/questions!

Happy Monday!


  1. ampardini@yahoo.comJanuary 9, 2012 at 11:57 AM

    Hello Sweetness: I found you because I was looking to buy more vintage Christmas ornaments ... so I was shopping when we "met" and love the idea of carefully curated ads or links to places that reflect the whole RIRF ethos. For example, I had never heard of Shabby Apple and now I have a place to shop for retro-girly fashions. Also, your thrift store finds have inspired me to hit the vintage pages of ETSY. The result is three early mid-century Decoware tin canisters that pre-channeled the Ikat craze and will make the perfect home for my dog's treats. Creating the perfect environment is about positive attitude but a gal needs some stuff around her to reflect all that good going on inside!! PS: Would love a Mr. CS recommends from time to time to point me toward timely ideas, points of interest or gifts for my Mr. SW ... Examples: What Mr. CS wants for Valentine's Day. Mr. CS' ideal Super Bowl snack. Mr. CS' one spring 2012 fashion essential. Loves, Am

  2. Love all the new stuff added to make it easier and more fun on your blog! The link back looks great! You just keep getting better!! Happy Monday!

  3. nice blog thanks for sharing
    keep on posting


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